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  • The Second Meeting

    The Second Meeting

     THE FIRST TIME, THEY SHOOT AT EACH OTHER. NOW COMES THEIR SECOND MEETING. WHEN ADVERSARIES BECOME FRIENDS A STORY OF HUMANITY AND HOPE Thrilling story of humane friendship War met the two men once. One was a pilot of the invisible F-117A, the other the missile officer that shot him down.Their first meeting was on the radar.Dale Zelko and Zoltan Dani decided to meet each other 12 years later. A human story of a unique encounter.    WHATCH THE WHOLE MOVIE iTunes more »

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  • I Will Marry The Whole Village

    I Will Marry The Whole Village

      Peca, an accordion player, have decided to marry all the unmarried men in his village. His motto is „I’m going to marry the whole village, even if I regret it“
He is naive, he is a  modern Don Quixote.
Doccomedy – a music documentary about a Serbian village 
and an ordinary man who wants to change the system. .   .   .   .  WHATCH THE WHOLE MOVIE Format: HDV, 16:9 Duration: 56 min Director/ Producer: Željko Mirković Production: Optimistic film    TV3, more »

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  • In search for myself

    In search for myself

    Short musical film about one of the greatest violinist in Europe, Lajko Felix. This is a story about his journey through music and his own way of living with it. Lajko use a violin to create magic musical world witch doesn’t have nether one rule. His world is world without logic fill out with different musical colors.   He is searching for himself through his music…     Province of Vojvodina   Director/producer: Zeljko Mirkovic Coproducer: Pavle Nikic Music: Lajko more »

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  • The Long Road through Balkan History

    The Long Road through Balkan History

    Two writers, Miljenko Jergovic from Croatia and Marko Vidojkovic from Serbia, share the driving in a Yugo, the ultimate symbol of their common past, and drive it from one end to the other of the road once known as the “Highway of Brotherhood and Unity”. It is a journey through the past, present and future…          Format: HDV, 16:9 Duration: 58 min Director: Željko Mirković           RTS, Serbia Belsat, Poland HRT, Croatial,  BHRT, Bosnia and Herzegovina TV more »

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  • The 21st Second

    The 21st Second

    Zoltan Dani commanded the Serbian army unit that did ‘the impossible’ – shooting down the pride of the USAF, the F-117 Stealth fighter. This is his untold account – a war story, a spy story and the human drama of a man returning to his family. .   WATCH THE WHOLE MOVIE duration  56 min. Sound: stereo Format 16 :9 Original format HDV Language Serbian Subtitles English Script and director Zeljko Mirkovic  Production Optimistic film  Executive production Polka Dot Producer more »

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  • Kosovo Diary

    Kosovo Diary

    Three ordinary people from Serbia go on journey to Kosovo. A student, an actor and a journalist decided to explore this troubled place for themselves. The camera follows them during their journey and discovers the reality of Kosovo through their eyes.  Each of them has different motivations: the journalist writes an article, the photographer takes pictures for an exhibition and the actor records his video diary. It’s an introspective journey In search of the real story – the real people more »

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  • Muharem, Music the Eyes of Life

    Muharem, Music the Eyes of Life

     Muhaem, Music the Eyes of Life is a story about Muharem, a blind Romany musician and also a refugee from Kosovo. Through the storms of life, as he fulfills his destiny by playing on the Balkans’ trains, this gifted artist is unerringly led by his banjo, an instrument Muharem uses to communicate with the world. A film about a constant fight for survival. A film about hope. Duration: 27 min. .       Production: Film i video produkction KRUG Producers: more »

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  • My world

    My world

    This is documentary about media reflection on children after 10 years of wars in Yugoslavia.  brief synopsis   In the world today, more than 400.000 children under 14 years fight in various armies. Media world which around our children is full of evil, criminal, wars and other violence. The picture of this world project on innocent children’s souls and comes out through different children’s games which are astonishing with their imagination the creators of our reality. This is a film more »

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  • From Nis to Serbia: It`s now or never

    From Nis to Serbia: It`s now or never

    About a day from Nis to Belgrade when the regime of Slobodan Milosevic was falling down.   production: UNIFOR SYSTEMS , script: Zeljko Mirkovic director: Zeljko Mirkovic producer: Goran Ciric director of photography: Boban Rajkovic editor: Vladan Jankovic

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  • Nastasia


    Young couple is waiting a baby’s birth and falling of regime of Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia in 2000. duration: 17 min. year: 2001 production: UNIFOR SYSTEMS , script: Zeljko Mirkovic director: Zeljko Mirkovic producer: Goran Ciric director of photography: Boban Rajkovic editor: Vladan Jankovic  

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