Purchase of Content – Subscription.

You can buy a subscription in order to watch Optimistic film (movies and series).

When you subscribe to the Content on Optimistic film you will enter into a separate sale contract based

on these Terms (as applicable) with the seller which will be Optimistic film.


Subscription types.

There are two subscription types on Optimistic film: monthly and daily.


With a monthly subscription, you get unlimited access to the Content on Optimistic film for one month, 

and with a daily subscription, you get access to the one Content on Optimistic film for one day.


Please note that in both cases Optimistic film will continue to charge your card based on your

subscription type as a recurring subscription. 


You can cancel your subscription at any time and

Optimistic film will stop charging your credit card immediately after your cancelation.


You can cancel your subscription by going to My Account/My Subscription.