Muharem – Music the eyes of life

Muharem, Music The Eyes of life

creative documentary
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Muhaem, Music the Eyes of Life is a story about Muharem, a blind Romany musician and also a refugee from Kosovo. 

Through the storms of life, as he fulfills his destiny by playing on the Balkans’ trains, this gifted artist is unerringly led by his banjo, an instrument Muharem uses to communicate with the world. 

A film about a constant fight for survival. A film about hope. Duration: 27 min.

Production: Film i video produkction KRUG 

Producers: Ivan Hadzi Zdravkovic, Zeljko Mirkovic 

Director: Zeljko Mirkovic Script: Zeljko Mirkovic, Ivan Hadzi Zdravkovic

Director photography: Ivan Hadzi Zdravkovic 

Editor: Darko Kovic 

Music: Muharem Redzepi 

Sound design: Aleksandar Perovic, Milan Cekic 

Casts: Muharem Redzepi, Turkijan Redzepi, Abel Redzepi