Hiv and Serbian Army (corporate educational film)

Hiv and Army

corporate and educational movie
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HIV and Army is a corporate movie about HIV infection in military population world wide. Two solders from Serbia have been selected for a peace mission in Africa, so they decided to find out more about HIV infection, transmission, consequences and prevention. 

They apply for a interactive seminar witch is lead by and with doctor – infectiologyst on a famous MMA (Military Medical Academy), very respected hospital in Belgrade. They are breaking a lot of taboos and enigmas about HIV infection and HIV virus, and also to protect themselves in the region with high steps of HIV infected.

Production: Optimistic film

Director: Zeljko Mirkovic

Script: Zeljko Mirkovic, dr Vesna Šuljagić

Director of photography: Miodrag Trajković

Sound: Aleksandar Perovic

Video editing and Color grading: Pavle Nikic

Duration: 22:28 min