Kosovo diary

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Three ordinary people from Serbia go on journey to Kosovo. A student, an actor and a journalist decided to explore this troubled place for themselves. 

The camera follows them during their journey and discovers the reality of Kosovo through their eyes. 

Each of them has different motivations: the journalist writes an article, the photographer takes pictures for an exhibition and the actor records his video diary. 

It’s an introspective journey In search of the real story – the real people – the real problems Kosovo Diary – Looking beyond the screen

This project is co-financed by the EU through the Media Fund, a programme for the support of professional media development in Serbia – managed by the European Agency for Reconstruction and implemented by Press Now.

RTS, Serbia

Producer: Dusan Gajic 

Director Zeljko Mirkovic 

DoP: Miodrag Trajkovic 

Script: Dusan Gajic 

Zeljko Mirkovic 

Sound Design Goran Stifanic

Editor: Darko Kovic

Composer: Vlada Divljan

Journalists: Sladjana Zaric

Fatos Bytyci, Tanja Vujisic, Shkumbin Ahmetxhekaj 

Music partner: Boris Bunjac

Script consults: Tim Judah and Jean Arnault Derens casts Tamara Skrozza, Aleksandar Gligorić Ivan Aleksić